i3 Cantilever Frame System

The i3 Cantilever Frame Bench System

Our i3 Cantilever Frame Bench System is a designer system that features legs and supports cited at the back of each work bench. This results in a very open and versatile furniture system that is ideal for a laboratory requiring flexibility. It also creates a stylish, minimalist appearance that gives your lab a modern state-of-the-art feel.

With the support system confined to the back of each work bench, the i3 Cantilever Frame frees up all of your floor space for laboratory equipment. This makes it perfect for labs with a lot of equipment at floor level, or smaller labs where floor space is at a real premium.

You can combine the i3 Cantilever Frame with all of our shelving systems and under bench furniture to make the best use of your laboratory space. The i3 Cantilever Frame can also be fitted with optional under bench panels to enhance its appearance and practicality.

Not sure which frame system to choose?

With 25 years designing, fitting out and refurbishing laboratories across a wide range of sectors, our team have the expert knowledge you need to help you choose the right laboratory furniture. Whether you are building a new lab from the ground up or refurbishing existing facilities, we can offer you a wide range of options to meet your individual needs and budget.

Our i3 Cantilever Frame is a popular choice in small, mid-sized and large laboratories alike, serving a whole range of sectors including pharmaceutical, educational, healthcare and industrial. It is a tried and tested quality solution that offers durable, long lasting functionality to its users. The stylish design gives any lab a more open appearance, freeing up valuable space for equipment or furniture. We can adapt this system to your specific needs or offer a bespoke solution to cater for more specific requirements if needed. Just get in touch with our friendly team for an initial chat to discuss your options.

i3 cantilever frame laboratory system

Basic Technical Data on the i3 System

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